Discovery Marine Surveys


 Tools of the trade.

Surveyor's first diagnostic tool is the phenolic Hammer; it is used to "sound" the hull and deck for voids and delamination. We tap the laminate in a grid pattern with random soundings around the bottom of the vessel, topsides (between the bottom and the gunnel's),  deck and other FRP structures for dead sounding retorts that will indicate a void, delamination or separation of the outer skin. I use two different hammers, a light metal tack hammer and a heavier rubber/plastic hammer. 

The electronic test of the hull for moisture egress into the laminate is the moisture meter. I use a Protimeter Aquant I believe this to be noe of the best meter on the market, the algorithm is flawless. It is considered one of the reference meter available on the market. 

Next in the toolbox is a quality multimeter with proper probes and extensions that can reach the water while the surveyor is inside the boat. A clamp meter is the better tool here. Our main multimeter is a Fluke 376 true RMS clamp meter with flexible current probe extension that expands the measurement range. We also use, as necessary, a probe extension U.S.N. military specification A18001k zinc reference electrode to measure the galvanic potential of different metal/alloy found on a vessel. The Fluke 376 is recognized as an industry leader in its category. We also use a multitude of other meter depending on the application.

A Fluke 561 HVAC pro IR thermometer with its extensions to measure temperature of electrical circuits, jacketed exhaust systems ect. The 561 is a versatile tool and Fluke as usual makes a quality product.
We also use a FLIR E4 infrared camera in some circumstances.

A simple STK UM6500 for metal thickness.

A small GFCI tester and polarity outlet tester is also useful.

I also use a 'snake camera' Cen-Tech model 67979. A great boroscopic camera that give me access to area I would otherwise be unable to inspect..

Finally an array of regular tools to assist during the survey.

Flashlights, measuring tapes, electrical tape, mirrors, scrapers, screwdrivers, small containers, metallic brush, etc. We also carry isopropanol alcohol in case we encounter a situation where the weather condition is not ideal.

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 Last update: March 2014

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