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Al's Hat,  Cpt. A. P. Routhier 1968  Hatteras 41 classic motor yacht.

Free presentation.

We offer to visit the clubs and marinas of the area and do marine related presentations. 

These presentations are free.

The presentations are usually one to two hours long, the format is informal.


Up to a full day long.

We can review the ABYC, ISO, NEC, NFPA standards.

We can review the surveyor's job and responsibilities and surveyor associations and certification processes.

We can provide 'tech.-talk' that are informative and entertaining.

We can demonstrate installation of battery, charger, inverter, small engine maintenance, AC/DC panels, etc. Those are hands on demonstrations with small outboard and other items on site being partially dismantled or assembled. 

This fall and winter, the main topic is:


Stray current and galvanic corrosion are 'hot' topics on the docks these days. Why you should walk away from someone talking about 'electrolysis'.

The long title could be: ''Fundamentals of AC, DC, GC, bonding and grounding of marine electrical systems, their relations to ESD, galvanic corrosion and suggestions on upgrades and protection methods.''

This presentation is an overview of marine electrical, how they are/should be built, how they fail, what happens when they fail, and how you can protect your boat.

Contact us to see what dates are available! 

Ici on parle aussi Fran├žais! 

Last update: November 11, 2012. 

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