Discovery Marine Surveys


Prices are All Inclusive. There is no hidden fee. Your boat in feet (LOA) times the amount below and VoilĂ  !
(plus GST).

I like to say that, often for our pre-purchase surveys, the cost is... Free !

After completing a survey, the information contained in the report can be used as a negotiating tool and the cost of the survey is easily recouped in the process.  Even on our insurance surveys we often find maintenance items that saves the owner from expensive repair bills.

Remember: Once hired, I work for you, for your best interests, not the seller, not the broker.

Not all surveyors publish their rates, in fact, very few do. I believe it is important to let my prospective clients know approximately what my services will cost.

Please remember that this is a way for you to estimate the cost of my services. I will provide you with a formal quote before performing a survey.
Our rates are calculated per foot (all inclusive) of the vessel surveyed and by the type of survey requested.

We provide our rates upfront and in confidence, knowing that we offer good value and quality product.

Fluid sample analysis with report

$65.00 for fluid sample taken during a survey.
On its own $65.00 for the sample plus travelling time.
Please request fluid sample in advance of the survey date.

Insurance Surveys & Pre-Purchase Surveys

Up to        --  00ft to 44ft  -- $32.00 per feet. Minimum fee $450.00.
More than -- 46ft to 60ft  -- $34.00 per feet.
62 and up                         -- Please contact us.
Multihulls                           -- Please contact us.

Wooden vessel, please contact us. I usually end up charging a fee for the survey and time for inspecting the wood structure itself. I reserve the right to cancel the survey if the vessel, after cursory inspection, is in too poor a condition.

Travel/admin cost within 60Km of Vancouver $40.00 flat fee.

Claim Surveys (NCE), Classification & statutory survey

Standard rate is $185.00/hr. (min. 3hr.) we offer ongoing follow-up to completion of work when required, this includes the final report.

Transportation survey reports.

        If you are shipping your vessel via a freight cargo or truck, a transport survey will show exactly the condition            the vessel left (or arrived), standard rate is $185.00/hr. (min. 3hr.).

Consultation Services

$185.00 per hour.

Legal consultations
Minimum rate $340.00 per hour. (min. 3 hr.) rate may vary. 
This is invoiced as a running bill.
Court depositions, please call.


If the vessel you are interested in is in a different country or in a remote location, a travel fee will be added in the quote that I provide.

Please note:

As of 2016 all our reports are signed electronically and a PDF electronic document is sent as the final report.

A paper copy is still available!

The report, the invoice and our service agreement are printed in colour on quality 29 pound paper, each document is signed by hand and the personal ''SAMS AMS 1281'' seal is embossed beside the signature. The documents are presented in a Navy blue crinkled jacket with a deluxe business card included. The package is sent in a 9x12 inch white business envelope, Canada Post priority mail. 

This is a beautiful addition to the library of any yacht.

A $25.00 CDN fee is added to cover the fees for this service.

Ici on parle Français! 

Last update: December, 2021. 

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