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Anyone can call himself a marine surveyor. It is good to keep in mind that your financial institution and/or your insurer might not accept a survey performed by an individual who is not accredited and a member of recognized associations.

Fluid sample analysis

Oil, coolant, fuel. Fluid sample analysis can be an important tool to evaluate the condition of an expensive engine or generator. As part of a comprehensive maintenance program fluid analysis reveals how and what is wearing in the engine. The fluid analysis report is a detailed report.

This service is available for your pleasure craft, plane, car or truck. 

Pre-Purchase Survey

Please note, I do not start engines, generators or pilot a vessel from its slip to a haul-out crane. The owner or his representative has the responsibility for these tasks. 

A pre-purchase survey, is an in-depth thorough evaluation of the vessels systems, the report format is tailored for the potential buyer or the seller of the vessel.

When conditions permit, the inspection includes operational testing of all equipment. The vessel should be hauled out of the water for hull inspection. A sea trial is also recommended when conditions permit. Other inspection points include rigging, machinery and electrical systems. Given todays complicated vessel system, specialists should be consulted when circumstances dictate such as with large diesel powered machinery and complicated electronic systems.

A Pre-Purchase Survey Report is designed to assist you in post survey negotiations, in scheduling required repairs, in completing routine and preventive maintenance as well as making decisions for upgrades in the near and distant future.
pre-purchase survey is a systematic, thorough evaluation of the vessel's structure, systems and equipment.

Our surveys can contain over 187 inspection points.

Condition & Value Survey

Please note, I do not start engines, generators etc. without the owner or his representative present, I do not  pilot a vessel from its slip to a haul-out crane. 

Insurance (C&V) surveys are mainly used by insurance underwriters and financial institutions.

This inspection addresses structural hull and deck areas, machinery installations, fuel, exhaust and electrical systems.  Often the insurance company does not require that the vessel be hauled from the water for inspection or launched if already stored ashore. C&V Surveys are limited to visual inspections.  No operational testing or sea trials are performed, unless required by the above-mentioned institutions.

report for insurance underwriters or financial institutions should not be used in making purchase decisions or considered for this purpose. This report is tailored to the special needs of insurance underwriters and financial institutions and omits descriptive details considered valuable to prospective purchasers which are included in a Pre-Purchase Survey Report.

Discovery Marine Surveys will only perform an insurance survey for the owner (or owners) of the vessel being surveyed.

Transportation survey reports.

Having your yacht transported from the Med to the doors of Alaska?
Want to confirm it arrived in one piece?

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Consultation services

- Court time.
- Sea trial that needs to be re-scheduled or second trip (should we not be able to complete the entire survey through no fault of our own). 
- Insurance / Adjusters investigations following NASBLA guidelines. Nature / Cause / Extent (NCE) reports, Classification & Statutory reports.
- There may be other situations where you need an independent surveyor to work with you or represent you do not hesitate to inquire

Do not hesitate to contact Discovery Marine Surveys to discuss your needs.
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Last update: June, 2019  

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